Technological innovation

Creating value for your products and services


Our offer

What does our technological innovation offer include?

We are involved in framing and monitoring projects: identifying skills, system architecture and technological choices, identifying strengths, product development strategy, interfacing with business side.

We specialize in digital, machine learning, services and design.

Audit of innovative solutions

For investors, we act as consultants to assess the quality of solutions proposed by startups:

  • Estimation of market size and conditions, competitive analysis

  • Level of investment required to stay on the market, cost/business model

Framing innovative projects

For new products:

  • POC realization

  • Reflection on team organization for growth (scaling)

  • Interface with marketing teams/ business plan

  • Building the business plan

  • Prioritization of investments/ make or buy strategy

Collaborative R&D projects

Participation in collaborative team projects with other companies in our area of expertise: IT development, infrastructure, design, ergonomics.

Tax credits

We are able to obtain CIR or CII accreditation, depending on the project.


What Isitix can do for you in terms of innovation and R&D

Our offer has been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

We offer you:

  • Our specialists in the fields of digital technology, machine learning, data analysis, modeling, design and systems architecture

  • Our technology watch and knowledge of international markets

  • Our network of R&D and innovation contacts

  • Our ability to carry out projects and have them carried out

Our expertise enables you to find pragmatic solutions that integrate with your existing systems to strengthen your ISS, invest where necessary, formalize your ISS pratices, evaluate your level of ISS protection and be abble to justify the implementation of an ISS Policy to your customers, prepare for ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HDS certification, or certification depending on the client, anticipate problems, learn how to react incidents and crises.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Download our study on Big Data and Machine Learning.

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Case study

A SaaS platform for aquaculture

Customer issues

KAMAHU wishes to provide its fish farming customers with an automatic ultrasound analysis solution for sorting individuals with a view to reproduction.

Context and constraints

Il s'agit d'un ERP en mode SAAS pour la gestion d’une ferme aquacole.

It is a SaaS platform dedicated to the monitoring of aquaculture farms.

Several constraints must be taken into account:

  • A limited workforce with no ultrasound reading skills

  • A demanding environment (humidity, no internet connection) strict economic objectives

  • Integration into existing, relatively old equipement

  • Ergonomics and response time of the solution for the operator, asynchronous data transmission to breeding software

The proposed solution

Development of an ad hoc module including deep learning image analysis software (Tensorflow), a standard Raspberry Pi hardware platform, and a physical interface with the ultrasound scanner.

The choice of a physical interface with the ultrasound scanner.

ergonomics: voice interface for user control of the system.

Les travaux réalisés sont la sélection des éléments, l'intégration de l’ensemble et des développements ponctuels.

The results

KAMAHU can offer a first production version to a customer.

This solution has enabled us to optimize breeding conditions by improving the sorting process for their reproduction.

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