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Our offer

What do we offer for your infrastructure projects?

Project owner and delegated project owner

We act as project management assistants or as delegated project managers. An project owner consultant has several objectives: to identify needs and analyze the existing situation, to draw up an overview of the market and possible solutions, to suggest suppliers to consult, to draw up specifications and organize their review with your teams, to organize the response, analyze and compare offers to help the customer make a decision.

Managing your projects

We organize your projects to ensure their success, from strategic framing to final acceptance:

  • Make technical choices

  • Assemble the team

  • Identify risks and milestones

  • Monitor actions

  • Report on progress

Define your purchasing strategy

We know the market, the prices and the players in IT infrastructures. We can help you better define your needs in order to:

  • Looking ahead to changing purchasing patterns

  • Choose between investment and rental models

  • Organize supplier price lists

  • Understand market trends

Building innovative infrastructures

Our teams have mastered the latest technologies and can help you build innovative infrastructures:

  • Building a private cloud

  • Deploying Software Defined Infrastructure (Cisco ACI)

  • Migrate to SD-WAN

  • Design your machine learning infrastructure

  • Transforming admin teams into DevOps mode

Optimizing cloud usage

We help you decide between different solutions and different levels of hosting:

  • Organize movements between cloud and own infrastructures

  • Optimize use of existing cloud offerings

  • Take regulatory constraints into account

  • Interconnect your own infrastructures with the cloud

  • Optimize use of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace


How Isitix can help you optimize your infrastructures

Our offer has been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our assets

We provide a rapid diagnosis of your infrastructure. We can then :

  • Define a prioritized upgrade plan

  • Optimize relations with your suppliers

  • Modernize your systems

  • Improve your standards and certification levels

  • Document your infrastructures

We integrate a security component into infrastructure projects, with an operational approach based on an analysis of the risks associated with your business.

Every project and every infrastructure upgrade is an opportunity to improve your security management, and to identify the measures that add value and those that add rigidity.

SD-WAN specifications

Download the complete plan of SD-WAN specifications written by our team.

Download in PDF

Case study

An SME in the HR solutions sector

Customer issues

A growing SME specializing in HR solutions needed to upgrade its storage infrastructure to cope with growing volumes and performance problems on Oracle applications, in particular payroll calculations in batch mode at night.


An existing Oracle application, developed in the 90s, with numerous evolutions and over-layers to make it Web-compatible. A reduction in the duration of maintenance windows following the internationalization of the company - wider time zones - and the development of the Web - application accessible 24/7. An increase in the volume of payslips to be processed, and calculation times that no longer allow these operations to fit into night-time maintenance windows.


  • The high cost of Oracle licenses makes it necessary to choose appropriate hardware

  • A small DBA team unable to engage in precise tuning of the system

Throw out more hardware in line with Oracle recommendations

There are three possible approaches:

  • Optimize base

  • Rewrite all or part of the code

  • Beef up equipment

This solution of beefing up the hardware was the simplest, quickest and least expensive - despite the high cost of the hardware and given the evolving performance of hardware (nVME, SSD, + RAM).

Work completed

  • Infrastructure analysis

  • Performance data collection

  • Definition of an evolution plan

  • Drawing up specifications

  • Consultation and choice of supplier

  • Handover to in-house project teams for deployment

Gains - Results

Batches can again be processed within the maintenance window. The chosen solution offers capacity extensions to add resources to grow the system for the next three years.

This solution enabled the team to gain time to consider more significant infrastructure upgrades.

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