Putting your best ideas into production

We help you put your best data project into production :

  • Sizing the infrastructure
  • Tuning and troubleshooting
  • Assessing the performance

Migrating your existing Virtual Machines to Containers

We assist you to define and implement an optimal migration plan from virtual machines to containers :

  • Identify opportunities
  • Plan the migration
  • Prepare the infrastructure
  • Write scripts to migrate
  • Implement the migration

Catching the Devops wave

We help you to take over your existing infrastructure and transform it into an automated infrastructure.

We provide a toolbox and consulting services to audit automatically the configuration of servers. This toolbox is used to audit the existing system configuration and, then, to enforce a common configuration.

We train your system administrators to shift to a devops mode :

  • Pairing on their daily work
  • Giving training sessions on real cases
  • Building a core code base of recipes
With our support and our field-tested methodology, smoothly transform your infrastructures to meet increasing needs for volume and performance.