Assessing your application scalability

We provide a toolbox and consulting services to quantify the scalability of your data or machine learning application.

We run your code on multiple configurations (on prem, cloud, …) and multiple loads and collect metrics about the response of your application. This service is very relevant to prepare your application for production. Startups assign us too. They often need to prove that their innovation is technically scalable to potential investors.

We give you a feedback about the scalability of your application:

  • Scaling factor
  • Limits
  • Lag time

Spotting quick wins

We give you recommendations to improve the scalability of your code:

  • Improvements to the architecture or the code
  • Best platform to run on
  • Dimensioning
We provide you with ready-to-use scripts and configurations and day-to-day assistance to automate your infrastructure, manage legacy and reduce the technical debt.