Implementing your Information Security Policy

Your security policy is a key document. You need it:

  • to prove to your clients that you comply with security standards
  • to assess your security maturity level
  • to instil a security culture and good security behavior into your team
  • as a framework to audit your information security organization

Although we are not security guys, many clients ask us to help them write a first version of their security policy and their security process because of our broad culture of digital infrastructure.

Implementing perimeter protection

Zoning and isolation are still a basic requirements of secured architecture. We offer services to implement isolation in your network architecture:

  • on traditional network using gateways and firewalls. Our offer is mainly based on Cisco product line
  • on SDN Network, using tagging and layer 2 isolation. Our offer is mainly base on Cisco ACI and NSX.

We propose both CLI configurations and automated configuration based on Ansible.

We apply established risk management methodologies to assist you in the continuous improvement of your cybersecurity, starting where you are and proceeding step by step.