Monitoring and tuning your data processing infrastructure

Assessing your application scalability

We provide a toolbox and consulting services to quantify the scalability of your data or machine learning application.

We run your code on multiple configurations (on prem, cloud, …) and multiple loads and collect metrics about the response of your application. This service is very relevant to prepare your application for production. Startups assign us too. They often need to prove that their innovation is technically scalable to potential investors.

We give you a feedback about the scalability of your application:

  • Scaling factor
  • Limits
  • Lag time

Spotting quick wins

We give you recommendations to improve the scalability of your code:

  • Improvements to the architecture or the code
  • Best platform to run on
  • Dimensioning

We provide you with ready-to-use scripts and configurations and day-to-day assistance to automate your infrastructure, manage legacy and reduce the technical debt.

Protecting your infrastructure

Implementing your Information Security Policy

Your security policy is a key document. You need it:

  • to prove to your clients that you comply with security standards
  • to assess your security maturity level
  • to instil a security culture and good security behavior into your team
  • as a framework to audit your information security organization

Although we are not security guys, many clients ask us to help them write a first version of their security policy and their security process because of our broad culture of digital infrastructure.

Implementing perimeter protection

Zoning and isolation are still a basic requirements of secured architecture. We offer services to implement isolation in your network architecture:

  • on traditional network using gateways and firewalls. Our offer is mainly based on Cisco product line
  • on SDN Network, using tagging and layer 2 isolation. Our offer is mainly base on Cisco ACI and NSX.

We propose both CLI configurations and automated configuration based on Ansible.

We apply established risk management methodologies to assist you in the continuous improvement of your cybersecurity, starting where you are and proceeding step by step.

Transforming your infrastructure

Putting your best ideas into production

We help you put your best data project into production :

  • Sizing the infrastructure
  • Tuning and troubleshooting
  • Assessing the performance

Migrating your existing Virtual Machines to Containers

We assist you to define and implement an optimal migration plan from virtual machines to containers :

  • Identify opportunities
  • Plan the migration
  • Prepare the infrastructure
  • Write scripts to migrate
  • Implement the migration

Catching the Devops wave

We help you to take over your existing infrastructure and transform it into an automated infrastructure.

We provide a toolbox and consulting services to audit automatically the configuration of servers. This toolbox is used to audit the existing system configuration and, then, to enforce a common configuration.

We train your system administrators to shift to a devops mode :

  • Pairing on their daily work
  • Giving training sessions on real cases
  • Building a core code base of recipes

With our support and our field-tested methodology, smoothly transform your infrastructures to meet increasing needs for volume and performance.